I really hate publishing my experiences in a blog post as much as I hate making entries in a diary as required by the teacher when I was just an elementary student. However, the probability of this task to become a turning point of my monotonous life gives me a chance to somehow like it. At least for this semester only. Anyway, it’s just my subjective interpretation of this activity. If you want to know my name, it’s Joshua Sante and I’m a mechanical engineering student.

This week was probably my least favorite week this month. The very first task of building a team that is comprised of different engineering students had been troubling me since the first meeting in this subject. Luckily, I was at the right place when two of my soon to be teammates spotted me. I could remember how problematic I was just before they found me and it was a sudden turn of event when they asked me to join their group. I thought that searching for a group would be difficult. But surprisingly, I suddenly got myself into a team in that instant. Easy peasy. All along, I was right. I knew that I would be eventually acquired into a group no matter how hard the task is. Have a good day to everyone!


2 thoughts on “A Search for Teammates in Technopreneurship

  1. a good start in making that first step. this journey is a learning process that will surely help you accumulate meaningful experiences and life-lessons created by you and your team mates. stay positive and keep it up.

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