We haven’t met yet with my teammates since our first meeting due to busy and conflicting schedules. So, I decided to tentatively carry the burden alone of choosing which three markets we should consider and who will be the possible top players in each market.

After thinking all night long about which markets to choose, I came up with these three market areas:

1.) Agriculture
My concern about agriculture is its widespread infestation of pests. Obviously, Philippines is a developing country and we can’t expect our farmers to distinguish the pests single handedly with the use only of old fashioned pesticides that could either harm the soil or the farmer himself. There are also pests that are undetectable by naked eye and are only visible through microscope. It would be always better to detect the pests earlier before they can spawn another batch. In order to accomplish that, I’d like to have a digital microscope that can detect and analyze the pests that possibly feed off on crops.

2.) Medical Health Care
In medical health care, I’d like to propose a sort of surveillance camera on each of the patients and a private type of communication service so that the residential doctor can always get in touch with the condition and well-being of his patient. On the other hand, the patient can also inquire to his personal physician regarding his medical condition or any complications he is experiencing.

3.) Education
In education, I’d like to ease the task of the educators by proposing an interactive network in the classroom between the students and the teacher. Such network requires a gadget or device that each student must connect to the main server which is accessible by the educator. The educator can either poll or ask the students a question with given choices which the students are allowed to select their best possible answer. The server will analyze the data collected from the respondents and will be automatically displayed in front of the class with the use of projector.


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