After facing that big-time obstacle we encountered lately, we created another idea. We still had the capability to think despite of the disappointment that has slowed our minds down momentarily. It’s like we have escaped failure.

This startup idea I’m referring to is a catering service which gathers the available restaurants in the city and presents the food they’re serving in one table of selection. It’s a close analogue to our previous idea. Both aim to lessen the effort of customers in choosing their ideal wants and needs. In this startup, our customers will no longer check one restaurant after another personally. Our goal is to achieve it virtually. So that they can order the food they like in various and different restaurants instantly and one call away. It’s like an integrated menu of almost all of the restaurants in the entire city.

Not only that, it gives also the starting and newbie caters the chance to compete with the established ones because we allow small-time restaurants and caters to mix in the crowd.

We were given at least another week by our instructor to rebuild our startup. He agreed on our idea when we presented it to him. One thing he wanted to be sure was our interview. We must not fail again for the next time. We should make sure also that we’ll include complete strangers in our interview and not only those people that we knew already which will obviously and most likely agree to whatever our idea is.


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