Final Entry

As I’m about to end this penultimate entry of this blog, I want to convey my heartfelt gratitude to my teammates who became part of this journey and most specially, to our dear instructor, Engr. Bronson Mabulay who guided us along the way and taught us there’s more to this world than being just a corporate slave and a mere engineer in the industry.


Final Pitching

The day has come for our final pitching. We have prepared ourselves as much as we could. We garthered our files specially the slide decks in one flash drive.

We were the last group to pitch in front of our instructor. I could feel already the tension in my nerves just when the first group had begun their pitch. I am afraid I might forget the things that I have memorized and practiced.

We waited until more or less eight in the evening. It felt like I’m not going to make it by the time we got inside the classroom where we would pitch before our instructor. However, with the help of my teammates, I have managed to pull myself together. We ended up with minors flaws that need correction. We got out into the classroom breathing a sigh of relief.


After making the User Persona, we proceed directly to our storyboard. I was again assigned for this task because my other groupmates were busy polishing our prototype.

A storyboard is a graphic organizer in the form of illustrations or images displayed in sequence for the purpose of pre-visualizing a motion picture, animation, motion graphic or interactive media sequence.

The storyboard that I made went like this. In a restaurant, there was an incovenience in ordering food and everyone is falling in line to make the order and it takes forever to finish one customer. Then suddenly, i-cater become known to every person who experience that inconvience and at some point it has somehow become prominent.

User Persona

We managed to finish our empathy map and user journey one at a time. This week, we have another task to be accomplished and it’s the User Persona.

What is a User Persona?

A user persona is a representation of the goals and behavior of a hypothesized group of users.

As the definition says so, it is obviously the nutshell of the goals and insights of our customer.

We have already interviewed a caterer and a customer previously. All we need to do is to lay down all the informations we got from our customers to the user persona template. The template is available online and I was assigned for this task. I completed it within the day and presented it to my teammates for the final revision. Read more

Prototype Planning

Web designing and developing is a very tricky job and it requires a hell of a lot of skills. That’s one of the reasons why I put my hands down as a respect to all programmers and web designers out there who are very dedicated to their work.

It is indeed a very serious task and it requires a lot of patience and time. However, I firmly believe that our team developer and designer can do it on time.

As soon as we are done with our empathy map and user journey, we started making plans on our prototype which has lead us to exchange each others’ idea about how we’re going to build our protype in a simple manner while maintaining the traction of the users to it. We’ve worked on it every now and then. Our prototype site must have a minimum viable content and features, as our instructor said so. That’s one of the given ideas. Therefore, ideally, there must be a registration and login page for caterers and customers in our website. And the most important thing is the feature which interacts caterers with the customers.

Empathy Map

We were already done with our user journey chart when the previous week has ended. However, there’s one more thing that we have to accomplish again and it’s another factor that we must be able to ponder in our venture. That factor is the customers’ impression towards us. It’s all about how they feel about us and see in us. In other words, it’s the measure of how well we empathize to our customers. To help us see through the feelings of our customers, our instructor had given us an assignment to create an empathy map.

What is an empathy map?

According to SolutionsIQ, an empathy map is a collaborative tool teams can use to gain a deeper insight into their customers. Much like a user persona, an empathy map can represent a group of users, such as a customer segment. The empathy map was originally created by Dave Gray and has been gaining popularity with the agile community.

We had a minor trouble regarding who’s going to make the empathy map. I could have been assigned to do it but I have just finished the user journey chart. We decided to have a quick group meeting to settle the problem which leads us to appoint our electrical engineering teammate.

i-Cater User’s Journey

Another week has passed and we are in the middle of reinventing our startup. One thing we must accomplish first before we can proceed to another stepping stone is the user journey chart. I was task to make the said chart. Actually, it was already the eleventh hour when I made it so I have to assume some details right away. However, most of the actions present in our chart is directly based on our previous interview with a particular customer.

According to theUXreview, user journey is a series of steps (typically 4-12) which represent a scenario in which a user might interact with the thing you are designing.

I have here a showcase of my output above. It’s not yet finalized and it’s still subject for alteration and revision.